eBerawi Brand Identity


Brand Philosophy

We have chosen to build our brand name on a sturdy foundation of four influential words: e, be, era, raw, and i. When placed together; the emergence, is a powerful anecdote of the exceptional services that we provide - bringing structure and harmony to all our projects equally.

The most important verb in the English Language is ‘To be’. It occupies a central position among the verbs. We felt that including this vital aspect in our base philosophy helps cultivate the main idea behind what we do while creating constant movement (action).


Golden Ratio

The need for a bold and distinctive logo that devoid of any extraneous elements is the core of a good logo. eBerawi’s logomark was created with just one basic shape: a circle. In design, certain elements are used to signify meaning. Since a circle is a line that never ends, it represents movement. We meticulously placed five circles together using the Golden Ratio proportions.


Behind The Dots

When a line is continuously drawn, the outline of an object becomes apparent. This simple, yet profound methodology is what has appealed to us in using the English idiom of “connecting the dots”. It can have multiple meanings; however, our engagement of it implies the ability to culminate the noise of various ideas into one single entity by joining its dots, to make meaning out of nothing and give it an identity. This applies to everything we do; we simplify complexities using this process.

Fluid Functionality

Our Logo has a fluid movement to it, similar to when DNA cells are seen to replicate under a microscope; they come together. This idea reflects our holistic capabilities in covering all angles of the client’s requests, and most importantly, it’s functionality.

We believe that checking for a logo’s functionality is very important. A good logo isn’t a picture of what the business does or offer. Instead, it’s a distinctive and effective identification of the business through a simple shape or form that becomes known over time. It is essential that our logo not only has an aesthetic appeal to its audience but that its purpose is apparent as well.